I love traveling, enjoying food and experiencing authentic culture. In addition to watching the beautiful scenery and enjoying the food, I also experience the life of the local people. The purpose of traveling is to leave the place of daily work and life, go to another place to relax, recharge, be with loved ones, let oneself experience a different way of life, try new things, and bring fresh ideas and new excitement to life.

However, things often don't go as expected. Many times because of unfamiliar places, it takes a lot of time to do homework and waste time on the road. Tired and hurting money, complaining about each other, and missing a lot of good things that only local people know. These bad experiences and requirements for travel made me start from the empathy of a traveler and solve the pain points that I encountered when traveling abroad for friends who came from afar. This is the original intention of establishing TrEatS❗️ In the end, I think the food, good scenery and special experience during the trip are the best things in life. The road ahead is still long and life is full of challenges, so don’t forget to enjoy it along the way and prepare yourself for a trip to recharge, relax and even a little bit indulge. TrEatS makes your journey more exciting, relaxed and comfortable.

This is the original logo that my youngest son gave me. The origin of Travel Eat&Stay concept. The current electronic logo is my daughter's rendering of digital art. My son knows that Ilove woods and nature. Our surname is Yap (#), in mandarin means leaf, he also uses leaf to express Green and nature. He was twelve years old then. TrEatS is Travel Eat& Stay, 3 in 1 one words. Treats also mean hospitality, the main element of tourism. "Authentic treats from local", we want to bring the most sincere hospitality of locals to everyone!

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但是,往往事情並不如愿,很多时候因为对地方不熟悉,需要花很多时间做功课,浪费时间在路上。劳累伤财,互相埋怨,错过很多道地人的才知道的美好事物。这些不好的经验和对旅游的要求,使我从一个旅人的同理心出发,为远方到来的朋友解决自己在外地旅游遇上的痛点。这就是成立特旅食的初衷❗️ 最后我觉得旅途中的美食和良景,特别体验是人生中最美好的事情。前面的路途还长,生活充满挑战,别忘一路享受,为自己准备充电、放松什至有点放纵的旅行。特旅食让你的旅途更精采,轻松、自在。

这是我小儿子给我的LOGO原稿。Travel Eat&Stay的概念。现在的电子logo是我女儿用digital art 的呈现。在日常生活中,儿子知道我热爱树林,大自然,我们姓葉,所以他也用葉子來表達Green 和大自然。那年他十二岁。TrEats 是Travel Eat& Stay,的三字一体。Treats 也是款待的意思。做旅游中少不了的主要元素。Authentic treats from local,我们想把在地人最真诚的款待奉上给大家。


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