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In the modern world, there are many factors to consider before making travel plans. But you can do it with confidence if you follow sound counsel and make well-informed plans.

If you make a reservation to travel with us but your plans are affected by factors outside of your control, we'll make changes to your reservation or cancel it and issue a full credit for a future trip. Details are given below.
DIY Travel pain point!

# Too much information on the Internet, everyone claims he was the best, dazzling.

# One person finds information and responsible for a group of people or the family travels, eats, and stay. Not easy

# not familiar with the surrounding, have to look at Google Maps and drive. It is tiring and dangerous❗️

# Arrived at the destination, the time is wrong, the information is outdated, a waste of time!

# After eating the online food recommendation, only realized that the best food was on the other side, and my stomach was full.

# Searching around, wasting a lot of time, ruining the mood, end up not enough time to eat or enjoy. Finally wasted precious travel time!

# Organiser is thankless. heavy responsibility. Things go well as expected, turn out bad you are the one to be blamed. It seems so unfair!

How to relax, have fun and feel at ease?
Let us help you solve your DIY travel pain points.
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# 一个人查找信息,负责一群人或一家人的旅行、吃饭和住宿。不容易。





让我们帮助您解决您的DIY旅行痛点。 点击链接,“聊天”了解更多!ipoh TrEatS-Travel Eat&Stay
Why Book with TrEatS?
Customized Design
Authentic treats from local
Hassle free travel
We are committed to providing you with the best trips imaginable in the present and the future.

Here's how we're making sure you have the stress-free vacation of your dreams:
1. Customised Planning

We are travel planners at heart. The most recent news and regulations are always available to our travel designers. They'll provide you frank, objective advise and clear information to help you plan a vacation that takes advantage of everything that each of your destinations has to offer.
2. Smart and Cost Effective Execution

Every step of the journey, we're at your side. You will have local assistance available the entire time, ready to step in and handle any situation. You may relax knowing you'll have complete assistance even if something unexpected occurs.
3. Truly Local Experiences

There is your local personal concierge waiting for you. From the time you book until you return home, they will address all of your concerns and make any required preparations and modifications. All you have to do is unwind, sit back, and anticipate your long-awaited vacation.
Terms & Conditions


We recommend the purchase of travel insurance. The experienced traveler always arranges his travel insurance to cover all possibilities during a trip. This is a wise move as medical costs can be expensive. We will provide details of such insurance if required.


A deposit of 20% of tour fare is required upon confirmation of acceptance of our tour quotation. The balance of payment of the tour price to be made 14 days before the date of departure - full payment.


In the event of cancellation of the tour reservation, after settlement of the deposit and/or full payment, cancellation charges will apply. From the date of travel, cancellation charges rates: Within 09 days, 70 % of the tour price. Within 03 days, 80% of the tour price, absent at the day of tour,100% of the tour price.


Ipoh TrEatS  acts only as agents for the hotels, airlines, bus companies, railway and ferry companies; other services and coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contract and tickets issued by the company are issued and subject to any and all tariffs, terms and conditions under which any accommodation, transportation and any other services whatsoever are provided by such hotels, airlines, bus companies, railways and ferry companies or owners or contractors and by acceptance of such coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets, the tour member agree that neither the company nor any parent, subsidiary or affiliate company shall be or become liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage on person, property or otherwise whether due to its or their negligence or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation or other services of resulting, directly or indirectly from the acts of God, dangers incident to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities, wars whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riot, theft, pilferage epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, delays or cancellation of or changes in itinerary or schedules, from any causes beyond the company’s control, or of any loss or damage resulting from improper or insufficient passports, visas or other documents and that neither the company nor any parent subsidiary or affiliate company shall be or become liable or responsible for any additional expenses or liability sustained or incurred by the tour member as a result of any of the foregoing clauses.

Ipoh TrEatS reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the arrangements contained in the itineraries to the extent, not in conflict with or contrary to any written laws, the aforesaid provision shall apply and except as excluded by any laws in force in those countries the limitations relating to the liability and other provision implied therein shall apply.

Ipoh TrEatS reserves the right to require any person to withdraw from the tour if it is deemed that his/her conduct is offensive to or incompatible with the comfort of other clients and Ipoh TrEatS shall be under no further liability thereafter to any such person.




确认接受我们的旅游报价后,需要支付旅游费用 20% 的押金。旅游价格的余额将在出发日期前 14 天支付 - 全额付款。


如果取消旅游预订,在支付押金和/或全额付款后,将收取取消费。自旅行之日起,取消费用率:09天内,旅行价格的70%。 03天内,80%团费,当天缺席,100%团费。


Ipoh TrEatS 仅作为酒店、航空公司、巴士公司、铁路和渡轮公司的代理;公司签发的其他服务和优惠券、兑换单、收据、合同和机票,并受此类酒店、航空公司、公共汽车提供的任何住宿、交通和任何其他服务的任何和所有关税、条款和条件的约束公司、铁路和渡轮公司或所有者或承包商,并通过接受此类优惠券、兑换单、收据、合同和门票,旅行团成员同意公司或任何母公司、子公司或关联公司均不承担或成为责任或义务人身、财产或其他方面的任何损失、伤害或损害,无论是由于其或他们的疏忽,还是与任何住宿、交通或其他服务有关,直接或间接因天灾、海上危险、火灾、机械或设备故障、政府或其他当局的行为、无论宣战与否、敌对行动、内乱、战略ikes、暴动、盗窃、盗窃、流行病、检疫、医疗或海关规定、行程或时间表的延误或取消或更改,出于公司无法控制的任何原因,或因护照、签证或护照不当或不足造成的任何损失或损坏其他文件,并且公司或任何母子公司或关联公司均不对旅行团成员因上述任何条款而承受或招致的任何额外费用或责任承担。

Ipoh TrEatS 保留更改或取消行程中包含的任何安排的权利,前提是不与任何成文法律冲突或违反任何成文法律,上述规定应适用,除非被这些国家/地区的任何现行法律排除与责任相关的限制和其中隐含的其他规定应适用。

Ipoh TrEatS 保留要求任何人退出旅游的权利,如果认为他/她的行为冒犯或不符合其他客户的舒适度,并且 Ipoh TrEatS 此后不再对任何此类人承担任何责任。

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